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Walter Wendel develops an atrium garden in a new-build villa in Cologne

Project: Overall concept for the atrium

Unique Concrete Whirlpool | Outdoor Kitchen | Concrete Formations | Plant Objects | Fireplace

The villa in a preferred Cologne location has an 80 m² atrium. This area extends the light-flooded living-interior and rises above the boundaries of “inside” and “outside”. A symbiosis of the elements – earth, fire, water, air – the garden is total experience.

Outdoor Kitchen | Fire Table | Bench

The heart of the design outdoor kitchen made of concrete and oak is a Walter Wendel Teppanyaki 3.0 – cooking pleasure and palate delight is therefore pre-programmed. Natural oak and solid concrete are also found in the bench and back wall. The concrete gang guarantees the outwardly representative villa inside the quiet pole. The coziest place to enjoy the custom-made fire table.

Unique Concrete Whirlpool | Concrete Formations | Plant Objects

Our Jacuzzi whirlpool (here measuring 350×250, 39°) is monumental and the main attraction, but aesthetically fits into the overall ensemble as part of the living environment. The diverse greenery creates a natural beauty with water and fire that appeals to all the senses. The abundance of plants visually combines with the trees outside, creating a spacious atmosphere. The concrete vessels are made in our manufactory according to the size and customer’s request.

Fancy your own hot tub or outdoor kitchen? Click here to realize your personal Wünsche…, 06725 93390.

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