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As an interior designer and sculptor, Walter Wendel not only has a factual affinity for concrete. The enormous mechanical resilience and the countless design possibilities are just two aspects that inspire the designer about this material.

It is the special sensual qualities that make concrete so appealing: soft to the touch and pleasantly smooth and warm – a real pleasure to hold. Visually with a minimal structure and color reminiscent of natural stone.

The result is concrete kitchens, lounge furniture and bathroom objects with architectural expressiveness and impressive dimensions. Concrete objects by walter wendel fit seamlessly into modern architecture or set a conscious counterpoint to old building fabric.

From the very beginning, we have dealt intensively with the relationship between people and furniture. For us, both indoors and outdoors, individual, optimally placed pieces of furniture such as a concrete bench or an armchair made of concrete play an important role in creating living spaces. Be it in your own house and garden or on a company premises.

Our concrete furniture is clear, minimalist in design and has a distinct design language. Urban lifestyle, made in Germany, manufactured in our factory and prepared for a long life.

An ingenious team: concrete with wood – weatherproof garden furniture with weather-resistant wood that stays perfectly in shape without swelling or splintering.

Each of our pieces is unique.


Concrete is a cement-bound material, and so the Acid sensitivity to the character. Alkaline substances can attack or change the surface. Major damage can be avoided with coatings. But concrete would not be concrete if a characteristic patina did not form on the surface over time. Each concrete part is already unique when it is manufactured, but of course it becomes your very own individual piece through daily use.

Concrete is not strictly homogeneous in colour. It ages gracefully, vibrantly and uniquely. We produce your object in such a way that you can enjoy it for a lifetime. The coatings we use each have a different focus in their protective function. However, they do not prevent age-related or weather-related changes.

At the Object furnishing speak the Strengths of the concrete robust and resistant, hygienic and food-safe, weatherproof and, due to its own weight, theft-proof.


Made of sand, water and cement, but also other additives that make the concrete less porous and less sensitive.

Yes, our concrete furniture is reinforced with glass fibre

Since our concrete has very few pores and “draws” very little moisture compared to conventional concrete, our concrete furniture can be used outdoors without any problems. concrete furniture can be used outdoors without any problems – a sealing is recommended

Most furniture weighs between 40 and 400 kg, but of course that all depends on whether you’re talking about an armchair, a fire column or a large lounge

We work with 3 concrete colours: Concrete white, concrete natural, anthracite.

It is best to leave it on immediately and not for long. Water and mild washing-up liquid or diluted soft soap are perfect.

We seal the concrete surface. This protects against oil, grease or red wine stains. In outdoor areas, the sealant protects against moss. Liquid dirt rolls off the surface. Should a refurbishment be necessary after years, this can be done easily with a light sanding and application of the new sealant – or by oiling the concrete.

Yes, but only minimally. The concrete gets a nice, satin sheen.

Yes, of course, like everything you use every day. Concrete is very robust, but care will of course keep it beautiful for longer. Concrete furniture is attacked by acidic substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, ketchup, wine, sparkling wine, carbonated drinks, acidic cleaners, etc. So be gentle with it and don’t use acidic cleaners. So be mild in handling and do not use acidic cleaners. Wash with water or mild soap, if necessary rub with a thin layer of olive oil to seal. We recommend: “Lithofin MN Easy-Clean” for the care and preventive stain protection of all outdoor furniture we recommend a treatment with “Lithofin ALLEX” 1-2 times a year.

Anytime. Write us an Mail. We make a lot of custom-made products. Tell us what you need, we will sketch and dimension and send you a quote for your individual piece.

Here in our studio (Rhine-Main area, near Mainz). Give us a call and make an appointment