walter wendel


Urban cooking in the open air

Free space – The outdoor area is the most original of our living spaces. Here, your own garden becomes a new great freedom. We bring industrial aesthetics to old gardens as well as to modern roof terraces. This outdoor dining pleasure requires little maintenance – but offers a custom-made cooking and grilling area for all needs. Convince yourself: in the Video you can see the outdoor kitchen in action.

Concrete, stainless steel, teppanyaki – quality at the highest level. Cooking becomes an event with friends, a meeting point for people at the kitchen island. If the workshop invites you to work and is a communication center, the necessary technology supports people functionally, not dominates, and freedom to be arises in a beautiful room design – then we experience creativity, sensual enjoyment, encounters, exchange.

For Walter Wendel, “innovation” stands above all for an attitude of “how do I face the task” with regard to construction time, organic forms, materials or new technologies in the combination of craftsmanship, art and holistic aesthetics. This requires passion and the highest quality standards for design, planning and implementation, as well as a deep understanding of design and building physics as a fundamental criterion for successful and sustainable planning.


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