walter wendel


Walter Wendel kitchen made to measure in Odenwald

in the overall project Karl Kaffenberger Architecture

White as a symbol of purity, clarity. White illuminates us, it is the contrast against which every other colour, everything dark, comes to life. White symbolizes light.

White is the ideal projection surface for everything that shines. Kandinsky once described White as the “great silence”. Not as dead, but as “living silence, open to all possibilities”.

The deliberately open-plan kitchen is connected to the living-dining area. The free-standing kitchen block gives lightness and is at the same time a representative guest reception.

Storage spaces interpreted flush with the wall.

The perfect interplay of architecture and interior design. A symbiosis of light and white.

Detached house in the Odenwald

Architect: Karl Kaffenberger

Kitchen: Architect Walter Wendel

Pictures: Dietrich vom Berge



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